5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

5 Useful Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Window Style

Home window replacement has become a trend in recent years. You will find window stores everywhere and there is no dearth of options if you wish to replace your window either with new ones or even refurbish the existing ones. However, choosing the right window style for your home can be tricky and may require some effort on your part. Here are some useful tips that can help you choose the right window style for your home exterior:

1) Functionality

Before selecting a window style, think about what kind of function it should serve at your home. Would you want one large window so that more light can enter the space or would you like to go for smaller windows because you want more privacy? Will a window facing provide sufficient ventilation or do you want one that opens? You can select window styles that will help you meet your functional requirements.

2) Style

Different window styles provide different looks for the exterior of your house and there are some window designs which may complement the style of your home while others might not look as good. Some window styles include bay window, gable windows, transom window, etc. For instance a large window panel at the center of your home made from wood in a Gothic design can create an effect you would love to see on your exteriors but if you want to go for more contemporary and classy look then pick window styles which are simple and bright like picture windows or even those with patterned glass panes. Once you have zeroed in on different  window styles, you can choose window replacement for the exterior windows at your home.

3) Budget

The budget is another important factor that you should keep in mind while choosing window design as it will help you limit your select window styles and window designs. If money is not an issue then you can go ahead and make window replacement on your existing window. However, if financial constraints are forcing you to look for something cost effective then wooden window style may be better choice for your exteriors than those with aluminum alloy frames. Also going for ready made units may save some cost so keeping a check on all these aspects will help reduce your expenses significantly in the end.

4) Maintenance

If you want to save more cash in long run then think about window replacement for your exterior. Ask window stores about the window models that they offer and how long you can expect window to last for if used in exterior applications. Wooden windows may cost more but they can also stand the test of time when it comes to exterior use. It is really important to select window styles and window designs which do not require much maintenance or repair work over a period of time if you want to save on money.

5) Ease of Installation

At times, some window styles might look great at your home exterior but may prove difficult to install. Check out all these factors before choosing window style because some window sills may be too large while others may create problem during installation process. Also make sure that windows with wooden frames are well sealed and window design that you choose should not be too complicated or challenging to install.

Why Should I Choose Roller Shutters?

Why Should I Choose Roller Shutters?

The window blinds market has seen a huge boom in recent years with people looking into window coverings that allow them to control the amount of light entering their homes. Today we're going to take a look at roller shutters and why you should choose these window coverings over others available on the market today.

1. Roller shutters can last decades

Unlike other window blinds which tend to wear down after a few months, roller shutters are made from materials that make it possible for them to last several decades without any form of deterioration. Even if you do your best to keep your window coverings clean, dust will still find its way onto these window blinds as time goes by and this causes dust accumulation on your window blinds, decreasing their efficiency and effectiveness over time.

2. They block off light from entering your window

Another major benefit of roller window coverings is that they allow you to control the amount of light that enters your window. At night, these window blinds can be controlled to allow a minimal amount of light to enter your house while during the day, you can easily increase the amount of natural lighting in order to decrease energy usage in your own home. This could also help lower your electricity bill at the end of every month!

3. They are made up of sturdy materials

Roller window covers are made out of heavy-duty materials which means they will not wear down over time due to constant usage. This window cover is made to be used several times a day for several decades.

4. Easy to mount on any window type

Another benefit of roller window coverings is that they are very easy to fit onto the window openings in your house. These window blinds can easily be adjusted by hand whether you're having trouble closing up the window or opening it up, roller shutter window covers are designed to be adjustable with minimal effort from your end.

5. Relatively cheap compared to other types of window treatments available today

The last benefit of buying roller window covers is that they're generally cheaper than most other types of window treatments out there today while at the same time being more durable and long-lasting. This window covering is a good investment for your window since it will last you a long time compared to other window treatments available in the market today.


In conclusion, roller window shutters have proven to be a very popular product especially with people living in warm regions who experience a lot of sunlight throughout the day. These window shutters allow you to control the amount of light that enters your window while at the same time being able to save up on energy costs by letting natural lighting into your window during the day. Roller window shades are also very easy to mount onto almost any window type and can easily be adjusted using just one hand. This window covering is currently one of the best investments you can make when it comes to protecting your home

How to choose a roman shade?

How to choose a roman shade?

Roman shades are blinds for the windows specifically designed to keep the sunlight out. They guarantee you a good night’s sleep during the day, plus they make the room look aesthetic with their designs. Here is how to pick the right one.

The material and the color. 

Pick a fabric that is opaque and does not let any sunlight come inside the room. The most common fabrics that the roman shades are made from are cotton, silk, and polyester. It is more about what you want your roman shade to feel and look like that makes you want to choose the right fabric for it. Next comes the color of the shade. Roman shades are mostly designed to make the room look more beautiful and if you are going to use it as a tool of home décor, pick a color that matches the vibe of your room and especially the walls.

The design. 

The roman shade comes in several designs as it is meant to be beautiful. According to your taste, you can choose from vertical, horizontal, and even circular shades, depending on the size of your window. You might even have to consider the color and fabric of the shade when picking the shade for your window. Pick something that has a geometric connection with other items in the room.

The control. 

The best part about roman shades is that you can control how much sunlight you wish to enter the room. There are several ways to regulate it, by getting a lining done on the shade by getting two different fabrics for the front and the back, to build gaps in the shade that open and close and do on. Sometimes, you can even get some glass attached to the shade that monitors the sunlight. Pick the one that suits you the most.

The folding. 

The folding style of the roman shade is what makes it truly special and aesthetic. You can choose from several options like the roll up and roll down the shade, the vertical panels, the horizontal panels, which are just fabric panels stacked either on top of each other or side by side to block the sunlight. You can also get circular, semi-circular, and even a few other geometric designs that make the window look prettier. So not only does the roman shade look beautiful when it is dropped, but it also makes the room look more beautiful when you remove the folds and roll them up.

The cleaning process. 

An important point to keep in your head while picking a roman shade is to estimate the effort you would have to put in to clean them up. They would need a thorough cleaning every other week to look as pretty as it is supposed to, and if you pick a complicated design or a different fabric, you will have a hard time cleaning it.

Ensure that you follow the above tips to choose the perfect roman shade.

How do I know if my windows need replacing?

How do I know if my windows need replacing?

If you’re interested in replacement windows and doors, you most likely look forward to learning the telltale signs you need for new windows. Our experts say it is relatively easy to assess your windows. But, of course, requesting a professional assessment can turn out to be the best approach. Next, we share our insights on how to know if windows need replacing. Let’s see if it’s time for you to get replacement windows.

Wear And Tear

One of the main signs you need replacement windows is noticeable wear and tear. Rot, warping, or broken window pieces indicate you need to get new windows.

Remember that if you have wooden windows, these are more likely to get damaged faster. Moreover, poor quality uPVC windows can discolor in time and expand in the heat. As a result, they experience cracks, holes, or leaks. Wear and tear can make it challenging to regulate indoor temperature.

High Energy Bills

When your windows get damaged and experience a lot of wear and tear, they can become inefficient. This means your home’s insulation suffers and results in high energy bills.

The more heat that escapes your house, the more your HVAC system will have to function. Hence, if you notice unusual spikes in your energy bills, it might be the perfect time to ask a windows and doors contractor in Ajax for an assessment. New windows are designed with qualitative materials so that they insulate your home and support indoor comfort.

Difficulties Operating The Windows

If you’re having a hard time moving your windows, you should know this can lead to potentially hazardous situations. It is the number one cause people opt for replacement windows.

His happens since windows represent key elements in your home. And when they become impossible to open or close, it can be challenging to use as an escape route in an emergency. Besides, faulty windows can become easy entry points in your home for trespassers.


Windows must offer adequate soundproof for your home. And when the interior becomes too noisy, it is a clear sign you need to replace your windows.

New windows are created with quality materials that can improve interior comfort. This means that replacing your old windows can offer impressive soundproof properties, contributing to interior peace and quiet.


Another common sign you need replacement windows is represented by drafts. Drafty windows can make it uncomfortable inside your home, but at the same time, they significantly increase your energy bills.

Getting new windows is an excellent opportunity to solve this problem and transform your home into an energy-efficient space.

The Bottom Line

Replacement windows and doors in Ajax are a must, especially if you have faulty windows. Using the services of an experienced contractor can help you determine which the best solution is for you. Remember that getting new windows isn’t all you should focus on. The installation process plays a major role in whether those windows will offer the desired results. Therefore, it is highly recommended to opt for professional installation for your replacement windows.

How do I find a good windows Installer?

How do I Find a Good Window Installer?

Windows are small but crucial to the home architecture. Windows and doors complement the home's functionality and aesthetics. As a result, you must examine all the windows and doors companies you find when planning to install new windows or replace the existing ones. 

Keep in mind that choosing the right installer will have a significant impact on the quality of the installation, windows' durability, and your overall experience. Consequently, you need to know how to find suitable windows and doors companies you can hire for your project.

Are you searching for how to find a good windows installer? Do you want to hire a reliable window installer? Do not search further; read the tips below to find a good windows and door company. 

1. Recommendation

The best way to find a good windows installer is by asking your neighbours, family, or friends for recommendations. They may have replaced their windows and doors in recent history. This will give you an accurate report about their contractor and give you an idea of what to expect. 

2. Check Certificates

Having found a few windows and doors companies you found suitable for your project, the next thing to do is to examine their certificates to avoid complaints. Major windows and doors manufacturers usually recommend some windows and doors installers known for excellence or those companies they have previously trained. Companies in this regard should provide such certificates from professional bodies and operating. 

3. Verify References

Do not believe all the promises made by windows and doors companies about the quality of their service. Request a list of clients they have worked for in the past and contact the clients for first-hand information about their experience. You can also read reviews provided by past clients regarding the services received from the company. This will help you in making the right decision. 

4. Ask for Details

Experienced windows and doors companies usually provide customers with a workable timeline for the project. This will include all the tasks involved at what time and price. You can decide whether to choose the company or look for a suitable one. Besides, ask if the contractor will provide the materials needed. 

5. Emphasize on Details

Do not be over-excited to the extent of forgetting to ask about the tasks that the proposed project contains. Let the contractor state clearly if the windows will be insulated and sealed. Do not guess, ask for details about the project.


Follow the tips above to find the best and most suitable among all the windows and doors companies you found for your project. Meanwhile, ensure to hire windows and doors companies for window replacement in your home. 

5 common window materials for your home

5 common window materials for your home

Windows and doors are some of the most important items in your home. And sometimes you have to replace them to improve your home's aesthetics and functionality. But since there are numerous materials to opt from, many homeowners feel like it is impossible to know which the best window material for a home is. Luckily, our experts shared next their insights on the five common window materials you need to know about!

#1 Wood Windows

Wood windows are a good choice for those searching for versatility and different costs. Such windows can be manufactured based on your available space or come in a standard dimension. The advantages of wood window replacement are that they can be painted in a color of your choice while offering good thermal insulation. The downside is that wood windows are high maintenance, and you'll have to perform regular treating or repainting.

#2 uPVC Windows

A popular choice for window materials is uPVC systems. It is a cost-effective solution, and it comes with little to no maintenance requirements. Besides, you can opt from a wide array of colors and custom dimensions so that you will make the best of your window replacement. The downside might be the fact that choosing plain white uPVC windows might make your home look cheap. White windows can discolor rapidly, taking a toll on the aesthetics.

#3 Aluminum Windows

Many homeowners use as their window materials aluminum. It can match most modern properties, and it can be an excellent alternative for uPVC windows. Aluminum windows come with low maintenance and the possibility of customization. There are numerous triple glazing options you can use to match your home's requirements. The disadvantage might be that such windows can offer a cold design feeling for your interior.

#4 Aluminum Clad Windows

Aluminum clad windows started as all-timber windows with an aluminum profile fitted in to boost longevity. Make sure you discuss with your window contractor the differences between aluminum-clad windows and composite windows. These aren't the same, and the clad windows might require additional treatment with anti-rot materials.

#5 Composite Windows

As for today, composite windows are one of the most common in households. These come with a wide array of advantages, including high performance and excellent insulation abilities. They represent a mix of aluminum with warm wood, which makes them the best window types to withstand frequent wear and tear and harsh weather conditions. Besides, composite windows have premium energy efficiency and noise-canceling properties.

The bottom line

These are some of the most common window materials for your home. All come with advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is always best to discuss your project with a windows and doors contractor. Selecting the right window for your property can make the difference between an uncomfortable and a comfortable interior. Besides, if you choose the right window replacement material, you can boost your property's curb appeal and value. Always look at a window replacement project as a long-term investment!

What questions should I ask when buying replacement windows

What Questions Should I ask when Buying Replacement Windows?

Feel like your windows have grown weaker since the days and that it might finally be time to replace them once and for all? However, upon entering the shop, you realize your own lack of knowledge when it comes to windows and isn’t sure what to ask? Rest assured, this article will help guide you to the best questions to ask before getting replacement windows.

Now that you’re here at this step, you must first realize that you’re not alone in this sentiment. Most people don’t have much experience when it comes to purchasing replacement windows. After all, it is quite complicated and unique for every different person.

Here are some common questions you can ask to help yourself get a better idea of what exactly you want to purchase.

Full frame or pocket window installation

There are two types of methods when it comes to replacement windows. Both of them are viable methods. However, you should understand your windows better before deciding which route to take.

  • Full-frame window installation means to replace your entire window with a new one. While pricier, this is the better option if you want to change your window’s size, or are going for a different window style. When it comes to replacement windows, you can go with a myriad of different sizes and styles. With this option, you’re allowed full creativity with which direction you want to take.
  • Pocket window installation, on the other hand, keeps the current frame. This is the best option to go with if you don’t want to change too much, and just the window itself.

However, before you decide which option you want to go for. It’s imperative to keep track of your window frame. That will be the biggest factor when it comes to window replacement.

Style is life

Now that you’ve decided to replace your windows and have figured out which type of installation you want to proceed with, it’s time to decide if you want to do all windows or just a few. Switching to a new style is always welcome, and can also create a new dynamic to your house.

You also want to make sure you ask about the best window style for you. Everyone has different tastes, so catering to those preferences should be most important. There are a lot of replacement window designs you can go for. Pick one that you feel truly reflects how you are, and go with it.

Congratulations, with this you now successfully know what to ask when replacing windows.

Are Double Hung Windows Better than Single Hung?

Are Double Hung Windows Better than Single Hung?

If you are familiar with the different types of windows available in the market, you would have heard about double-hung windows and single hung windows before.  If you are considering window replacement, you will have to choose one of these two kinds of windows. Both of these windows have two slashes, but the two sashes of double-hung options can be operated up and down. This makes them different from a single hung window that comes with only one operable sash.

Let’s go back to the initial question – are double-hung windows better than single hung windows? Yes, double-hung windows are a better option than their single hung alternatives. Although double-hung windows are usually costlier than single hung windows, they make up for it by offering several benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why double-hung windows are better than single hung windows:

They are easier to clean

Since the two sashes of double-hung windows can be operated, you can open them in different ways to make cleaning easier for you. Factually, you can decide to clean both the internal and external surfaces of the window without much hassle.

However, the reverse is the case for single hung windows. If you want to clean the windows, you need to go outside of your home and even get an extension pole or ladder to reach the windows. Therefore, if you are looking for windows that you can clean with ease, double-hung windows are your best bet.

They offer extra ventilation

As stated earlier, you can open and close both sashes of a double-hung window. This ensures that you can get more ventilation into your home when using this type of window.

More Affordable Monthly Running Costs and Extra Airflow

As more ventilation comes into your home, the airflow within your residence will increase significantly. This means that your home will enjoy a cooler temperature without relying too much on the heating and cooling system. Over time, this will reduce your energy bills.
Also, you can clean double windows yourself without hiring any professional to assist you or getting a ladder. By spending less on the maintenance of your windows, you are saving their monthly running costs.

They Provide More Long Term Value

If you consider all the various benefits of double-hung windows mentioned above, you will realize that most individuals will prefer them over single hung windows. As a result of this preference, the value of your property will increase as more people will feel it is a better place to stay than a house with single hung alternatives.

Therefore, whether you want to sell or let out your property in the future, installing double-hung windows can add more to its value.

Undoubtedly, single hung windows are more affordable than double-hung windows; hence, some homeowners prefer using them. However, the numerous benefits of the double-hung windows make them a better option for window replacement or installation for new construction.

How do I choose replacement windows for my house?

How do I choose replacement windows for my house?

If you decided it is time to opt for window replacement, you most likely wonder how to choose replacement windows for your home. Our top recommendation is to discuss with a windows contractor the best solution for your property. And, of course, you should pay close attention to the following steps for choosing replacement windows. Let’s see next how you can make the best decision for your home.

How to choose replacement windows?

Admit it! Sometimes it feels like that all window replacement solutions look the same! But according to our experts, if you follow the steps listed below, you can upgrade your home with a cost-effective and energy-efficient window replacement.

#1 Think about the style you want for your windows

The first thing you need to think about is the style. The appearance of your new windows will impact the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. It is highly recommended to opt for a window replacement solution that matches the style of your property. And if you’re not sure how to do that, you can always discuss your concerns with a windows contractor.

#2 Don’t underestimate the importance of the frame material

The frame material of your window replacement will determine how much maintenance they will need. For example, vinyl is one of the easiest materials to maintain. It is highly customizable and available in a wide range of colors. But for some homes, this might not be a good window replacement option. Older homes might require a wooden window replacement.

#3 Select an adequate glass package

The glass is the core element of your windows, which can determine their energy-efficiency and ability to shield your home against outdoor noises. There are numerous options, including dual and triple pane glass, argon glass, and Low-E glazing. These come with the latest technologies and aim to offer the best interior comfort. Make sure you discuss with an experienced windows contractor the benefits of specific glass panes.

#4 Don’t underestimate the benefits of personalized window replacement

Of course, it seems more convenient to buy a standard window from a store. But did you know that the best solution for modern homes is customized window replacement? Well, these come with precise measurements to fit your house perfectly to prevent energy loss.

#5 Skip the DIY window replacement project

Even though it is tempting to save some money with a DIY window replacement approach, our experts say it is best to avoid it. If you want to access all the benefits of new windows, you should collaborate with an experienced contractor. He is the only one who knows how to adequately install your windows so that they protect your home and keep the interior comfortable.

The bottom line

This is how to choose replacement windows and upgrade your home with an energy-efficient solution. Remember that discussing with an experienced contractor is key to making an informed decision for your house. After all, you want to install new windows that will protect your home for years to come.

Why do windows need to be replaced?

Why do Windows Need to be Replaced?

Many homeowners ignore their windows and doors. They do not check the windows and doors' structural condition and energy efficiency until the lapses become apparent. Meanwhile, there are signs that you need to replace your windows and doors. Below are some of the reasons you need to replace your windows. 

1. Structural Damage

The first reason to replace windows and doors is physical damage. When your windows have rotten frames, cracked or broken glass, you unavoidably have to replace them without delay.

2. Drafts

When you close your windows, you can still feel cold and hot breeze blow in from outside. You need to replace your windows. Drafts reduce the energy efficiency of your home. Your comfort will be affected, and your heater or air-conditioner will be tasked to work harder to regulate the indoor temperature. To detect drafts in your home, stand by your closed window to feel if the breeze from outside blows into your home. 

3. Single Pane Windows

In the face of the campaign for energy efficiency, single-pane windows need to be replaced with double pane windows for improved energy efficiency in the home. Double pane windows are reinforced with argon gas in-between the panes to prevent the outdoor temperature from filtering into the house. 

4. Increased Energy Bills

Another reason to replace your windows and doors is a sudden and significant increase in your energy bills. The increase can be linked to your heating and cooling unit due to the loss of energy efficiency in the home, most commonly linked to worn windows. Installing replacement windows will boost energy efficiency and cause energy bills to reduce. 

5. Faulty and Difficult Operation

Nothing could cause windows and doors to be replaced other than poor operation. When windows' parts get damaged and make opening or closing the windows extremely difficult and stressful, the perfect solution is to replace them as soon as possible. 

6. Moisture Build-up in the Panes 

When you have moisture build-up between your windowpane, the integrity of the window has been compromised. Usually, argon or krypton gas is infused between the panes to make them airtight. But moisture build-up signals a need for replacement windows. 

7. Improve Curb Appeal

Replacing windows and doors s crucial for a makeover project to boost a home's aesthetics, especially when you want a modern look in the house. 


The reasons above are valid for replacing your windows. But it is crucial to hire reputable windows and doors company to achieve the desired results.