A window can be a functional part of a home. For example, allow sunlight to filter into a room in order for it to be lit up. In most cases when people install windows they just have them installed without giving much thought about window replacement functionality.

What window replacement functionalities are there? Here are 5 window functionality that you should know about:

1) Awning window

The glass window is able to open like an angled window shutter (hinges on one side). This allows for ventilation and direct sunlight. When not in use it closes flat against the wall making it seem almost invisible. This type of window is best suited for rooms with large openings because it’s shutter-like functional helps regulate temperature better than the window blind.

2) Casement window

This window is opened with a crank handle and is able to pivot on its hinges as opposed to an opening from side to side like the window shutter. Casement windows are great for rooms where it needs to be easily accessible and that have large openings because it can swing out 270 degrees or even more depending on manufacturer specifications.

3) Slider window

They open vertically and slide (pushes up and away from the wall). It can open either horizontally by sliding left or right, or vertically by sliding up and down. It really pertains to spaces such as walk-in closets where you want full access to all your storage space with ease; especially if it were underneath stairs.

4) Picture window

It is basically a glass window with no glass panes obstructing the view of outside scenery, which allows for optimal airflow and illumination into the home. This type of window pertains to rooms that have large opening space, either because they are tall or wide, allowing ample amount of sunlight inside without compromising privacy because there are no glass panels obstructing vision and airflow.

5) Fixed window

It is a window with no moving parts. They should be used in rooms that require privacy but do not have large openings for ventilation or lighting. It should only be installed by professionals because it requires precision and great forming of the frame to ensure a tight seal around the panes without compromising too much airflow, insulation, and privacy.


If you need windows installed in your home consider what functionality you would want from your window before purchasing them. For example, if you would prefer optimal airflow and natural sunlight inside the room go for window functions such as picture window or casement window so they can easily open up thus allowing air to circulate freely throughout the room.