Several homeowners ignore the current condition of their windows and doors. And by the time they notice that something is wrong with their windows and doors, the damage is already beyond repairs – making their replacement inevitable. As a homeowner, you should carry out periodic checks on your windows and doors. And when you notice certain signs, you need to replace your windows and doors.

Are you searching for why you should replace windows and doors? Read the following five warning signs.

1. Visible Physical Damage

One of the reasons why you should replace windows and doors is visible physical damage to them. If your windows and doors have defects such as warping, chipped parts, broken glass, rotten frames, water damage, and lots more. Physical damage compromises the integrity of your windows and doors. As a result, you should prepare to replace them as soon as possible.

2. High or Increasing Energy Bills

Another warning sign it is time to replace your windows and doors is a sudden or gradual increase in your energy bills. The loss of energy efficiency brought about by compromised windows and doors usually increases energy bills. The increase arises as your HVAC binges on energy to keep your home cool or warm as drafts get into the house.

3. Difficult Operation

Another factor why you should replace windows and doors is difficulty in operating your windows and doors. If they are still in great condition, your windows and doors would open and close smoothly and easily. However, when it becomes a great hassle to open, close or lock your door or windows, it becomes necessary to plan for a replacement project.

4. Draft Around Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors should close and seal up completely and prevent air from filtering into the house. However, when you stand by your windows and doors, and you feel a draft of warm or cold air blow into your home, you unarguably must plan to replace your windows and doors as soon as possible.

5. Loss of Visual Appeal

If the style of your windows and doors have become so obsolete that they do not match the architecture or visual appeal or aesthetics of your home, you should replace them. There are new designs, enhanced materials, and modern styles that will improve the aesthetics of your home.


The above reasons are five warning signs why you should replace windows and doors. As soon as you notice any of the signs, you should find a reputable windows and doors company for the replacement project.