Window replacement is a way of increasing energy efficiency while it improves the curb appeal. Replacing windows with single-pane or for the entire house, needs to give a sincere thought before making a final decision.  Windows and doors replacement projects bring up several questions and unique challenges.

Five questions to ask before getting replacement:

1. Do I have to go for new windows and doors?

There may be few signs in the doors or windows causing loss in energy efficiency. If you consider there is a need for windows replacement, first check these pointers:

  • Is there air leakage?
  • Do you have difficulty in opening or operating the windows and doors?
  • Are you able to see between glass panes visible condensation?
  • Do you see exterior paint peeling?

Look at your home windows and doors. Realize the time if it requires an update. There are different ways to ensure energy efficiency. Yet, ensure to meet the requirements of Energy Star ratings as per your climatic conditions in your region.

2. What will be the installation method?

Poorly installed windows decrease the window replacement advantages and result in water or air leakage. Ascertain the windows are installed properly by hiring a windows and doors company for replacement windows.

Ask before deciding, what they will be doing. If the installation is ‘full-frame’ or ‘pocket replacement’.  A full frame installation is to replace the entire window while the pocket replacement is to leave the outer frame intact. However, proper flashing, insulation and sealing is required to ascertain best performance. Remember, it is not the right time to cut corners.

3. Can I match the windows design to my house style?

There are various style options for windows. It complements the house style or design. You must choose a suitable design, focusing on the grille pattern and operating style.

Windows, single or double hung styles, both are appropriate choices, but the architectural shapes, the casement provides visual appeal. Even, a grille pattern, non-traditional gives a fresh look to your home.

4. Will there be color options?

The color options for the windows and door are not confined to white and beige. Nowadays, there are light and dark color in the exterior frames. Besides, solid colors come in a variety and choosing wood grains on the windows and doors matches your home interior design.

5. Project timeline?

People do not realize that the delivery time for specialized windows is longer. Yet, knowing the timeline gives peace of mind. Thus, ensure the timeline while hiring a windows and doors company for replacement windows.