Vinyl siding makes your home look great, but have you thought of which color will make it look indeed great? There are different colors of vinyl siding and you can choose anyone amongst them. The question is which is best for your home. It will depend upon a lot of things like, what type of look and feel do you want to give your home. Here are a few popular colors that are used for sidings.

Blue Siding

Blue is a common color when it comes to sidings. One of the best design combinations is blue sidings and white trims. You can choose navy blue color too then the trims must be of either black or grey. If you are planning for a farmhouse style home then you can always think of blue sidings with white trims. They are indeed great and make your home look attractive from a distance.

Green Siding

Green is soothing to the yes and if you wish something good and different you can always tries green sidings for your home. Green goes well with white, beige and browns. When you are making a craftsman style home then you can surely think of green vinyl sidings. Combine them with red or brown and white trims and you will be astonished after looking at the beauty of your home.

Beige Siding

This earthy tome is always attractive. It matches great with the nearby environment and any type of external décor. Many people who love to have craftsman style home can choose beige sidings. Along with that you can have white trims or even black too will look great. Many people use red as a combination for enhancing the beauty of the beige siding.

Gray Siding

Gray color may look dull, but it is a color that is here to stay. You may prefer light gray or dark gray but along with this natural color any trim becomes vibrant and makes your home look great. Gray is a good choice for vinyl siding because it allows any combination of color to go along with it. In short Gray sidings help in making a great visual statement.

Red & Brown Siding

If you think of warm colors you cannot ignore red and brown. They are more popular colors around the lake and barn areas. They give a bricky kind of look that makes the building look majestic.