If you are familiar with the different types of windows available in the market, you would have heard about double-hung windows and single hung windows before.  If you are considering window replacement, you will have to choose one of these two kinds of windows. Both of these windows have two slashes, but the two sashes of double-hung options can be operated up and down. This makes them different from a single hung window that comes with only one operable sash.

Let’s go back to the initial question – are double-hung windows better than single hung windows? Yes, double-hung windows are a better option than their single hung alternatives. Although double-hung windows are usually costlier than single hung windows, they make up for it by offering several benefits.

Here are some of the reasons why double-hung windows are better than single hung windows:

They are easier to clean

Since the two sashes of double-hung windows can be operated, you can open them in different ways to make cleaning easier for you. Factually, you can decide to clean both the internal and external surfaces of the window without much hassle.

However, the reverse is the case for single hung windows. If you want to clean the windows, you need to go outside of your home and even get an extension pole or ladder to reach the windows. Therefore, if you are looking for windows that you can clean with ease, double-hung windows are your best bet.

They offer extra ventilation

As stated earlier, you can open and close both sashes of a double-hung window. This ensures that you can get more ventilation into your home when using this type of window.

More Affordable Monthly Running Costs and Extra Airflow

As more ventilation comes into your home, the airflow within your residence will increase significantly. This means that your home will enjoy a cooler temperature without relying too much on the heating and cooling system. Over time, this will reduce your energy bills.
Also, you can clean double windows yourself without hiring any professional to assist you or getting a ladder. By spending less on the maintenance of your windows, you are saving their monthly running costs.

They Provide More Long Term Value

If you consider all the various benefits of double-hung windows mentioned above, you will realize that most individuals will prefer them over single hung windows. As a result of this preference, the value of your property will increase as more people will feel it is a better place to stay than a house with single hung alternatives.

Therefore, whether you want to sell or let out your property in the future, installing double-hung windows can add more to its value.

Undoubtedly, single hung windows are more affordable than double-hung windows; hence, some homeowners prefer using them. However, the numerous benefits of the double-hung windows make them a better option for window replacement or installation for new construction.