Regular cleaning and maintenance will unarguably make your vinyl siding last longer. However, there are certain things you should avoid to keep your vinyl siding in the best structural and aesthetic conditions. Here are five tips on what to avoid when caring for your vinyl siding:

1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

The vinyl siding is indeed exposed to the elements and dirt all year round, and it requires cleaning. The stains left by grass, cobwebs, dirt, and lots more could make your vinyl siding dull, tired, and untidy. However, resist the urge to use harsh chemicals to remove the stains and dirt.

Harsh chemicals, such as nail polish remover, liquid grease remover, undiluted chlorine bleach, and organic solvents, should be kept away from the vinyl cladding – the chemicals can damage the siding’s surface.

2. Do Not Paint Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is not designed to be painted; paint will damage its aesthetics. Vinyl siding is meant to expand and contract based on the outdoor temperatures. However, painting it will attempt to make it stay at a position, which will cause cracking and imperfections when the siding forcefully moves due to temperature changes.

High-quality vinyl siding does not fade or discolour unevenly, making it best to leave it in the original appearance or colour. Painting it can do more harm than good to the vinyl siding.

3. Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Tools

Certain. cleaning tools should never be used to clean the surface of the vinyl siding to avoid damaging it and causing it to lose its aesthetics. Tools such as paint scraper, wire brushes, and steel wool can cause permanent discolouration and scratches on the vinyl siding’s surface. As a result, do not use such tools to clean your siding. You should use a nylon bristle brush or soft cloth and elbow grease to clean stains without damaging the surface of the vinyl siding.

4. Be Careful With Power Washing

If you need to power wash your vinyl siding to get rid of stubborn stains and dirt, you need to be extra careful to avoid forcing behind the siding. Spray the water straight at eye level, spraying the water at an angle will force water behind the siding. Water and moisture getting behind the siding will cause mould and mildew to grow and undermine the structural integrity of the siding.

Besides, ensure to regulate the speed of the washer to avoid creating holes into the siding due to the force of the water.

5. Keep Your Grill At A Distance

Your BBQ grill can be as hot as 600 degrees Fahrenheit, while the siding can endure a high temperature of about 730 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat from the grill can affect the vinyl siding. As a result, keep it at least ten feet away from your siding to prevent it from warping or melting.


Take note of the above five tips on what to avoid when caring for your vinyl siding to keep your siding in the best condition possible.